The left can’t tolerate old battles being revived

I tried to leave this comment over at Frank Davis’s blog, on a post of his about why Theresa May has said nothing about the smoking ban, but his comment system doesn’t want to let me. (Have I mentioned how much I hate modern comments systems?) [Update: It’s now got through.] I thought it was worth a post of its own anyway.



Smoking bans are a cold potato, as you say. They’re part of the fabric of society now. But anyone who dares try to overturn them will find themselves roasting in hell. Leftists will sometimes, for expediency’s sake, taken a softly-softly approach to changing things as they are now, in order not to frighten the horses. If they’re a politican they may even pretend that they don’t support the change (eg. as many leftist politicians did a few years back on gay marriage).

But try to change course on something that they thought was done and dusted, and all hell breaks loose. This is why Brexit has caused such a storm with the left. They thought increasing integration into supranational entities was a done deal, it was a battle they thought had been won, ancient history, and the alternative should not even be thought of, hell, should not even be conceived of, any more. It’s like reaching a checkoff-point in a computer game — no matter how many times you subsequently die, you never go back beyond that point.

This is all part of their modus operandi – they can tolerate tussles for a few years over their latest battle, but once that battle has been won, there is no going back. The public must never be allowed to see that ‘advances’ the left have won can be reversed, because then they might start to think that maybe other things that were set in stone can be reversed too.

The left don’t want you even to conceive of things being different. This is how it’s been since Lenin. It’s why they’re so keen on thought control. People who don’t conceive of alternatives won’t fight for them, because who is going to fight for a cause they never think of?

So the greatest sin that can be committed, in the eyes of a leftist, is for someone with some power or a following to bring an old battle back into play again. That’s why even people who had previously seemed nice and relaxed and sensible suddenly start acting like unhinged, foaming-at-the-mouth loons when something like Brexit happens. They were happy before because the future looked like going their way. Take that assurance away and their true colours show.

So if Theresa May was to seriously talk of overturning the smoking ban she would be quickly be reduced to a smouldering pile of ashes. Not just the leftists, but at least half the Conservative party would rise up and smite her, leaving only a small, smoking pile of ashes. That’s why you’ve been hearing nothing from her on the subject.

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