Failing to put your stamp on Brexit

Boris Johnson told The Sun: “Leaving the European Union will be a monumental moment in British history, so let’s deliver a commemorative stamp that shows the world we’ve got Brexit licked.”

But last night Business Minister Margot James– who is responsible for postal services – branded the issue “divisive” in a clear Government split.

Asked why the Royal Mail would not produce Brexit stamps when they did after we joined the European Economic Community she said: “I don’t think it was such a divisive issue then.

Of course it was a divisive issue then, you sleazy Remainiac. Half the country was dismayed at us joining the EEC, but they were ignored as the Establishment had got the result it wanted, so it was Stamps Ahoy in 1975.

You and the Postal Service mandarins only consider it divisive now because you lost.

Margot James — another name to be added to the ‘Sack ASAP’ list.

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