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When I was younger I used to spend some time with journalists. In those days the mantra was ‘work hard, play hard’. Now it seems to be ‘work hard, complain hard.’ And the former mainly consists of the latter. Complaining hard is about all they seem to do. Trawling Twitter for controversial statements.

In fact, journalists don’t even do that any more. That would take far too long. No, they just follow a few prime SJW outrage Twatter accounts, and pick up on what some Twats have already laid the groundwork for. That’s it. A few wannabees may go and do some actual field work, by which I just mean, for example, visiting a place where alleged harrassment took place, but they’ll abandon that as soon as they get a proper journalist job. Looking at your favourite Twatter accounts and sending off an e-mail asking for a response is much easier, and means the newspaper can hire intern-level journalists and pay them less (unless you’re Laurie Penny or Owen Jones, who do the same thing but with what passes on the left for panache, so they get paid vastly more).

Even The Daily Mail and The Telegraph have become like this, it’s not just the political operatives posing as journalists at The Guardian and Indy.

And now a commentator at Samizdata claims that a lot of journalism is being written by automated software, or partly-written by automated software:

Narrative Science, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a company that makes computer-generated journalism software. A few algorithms can pull together sabermetrics (baseball analysis), website data, and photo/graphics and compose a sports story: or election information, financial reports, market research, and local news.

I don’t know if this is true (most of my old journalist friends I haven’t seen in years, and I’ve heard that most have left the trade), but it’s almost worse if it isn’t, because then what excuse do the humans who write the daily piffle have?

It also explains Cathy Newman’s performance interviewing Jordan Peterson: Cathy Newman is a hologram programmed with stock Channel 4/Telegraph Women’s section responses.

‘So you’re saying I’m a computer program?’

Yes Cathy, I am. Finally you got one right.

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