The Nunes memo, Google results, and the media’s ‘Soubry strategy’

Heard much about the Nunes memo and the claims by the Republicans that the FBI colluded with the Democrats to ‘wiretap’ the Trump campaign from the UK media? Nope, not me either. Just a few small, hidden away nothing to see here stories, and some scoffing.

Now, maybe, as the Democrats claim, it’s all overblown. But this is the same media that has been hyping every little possibility that Trump is a Russian puppet for over a year, putting every dubious beat-up they can onto their front pages. But anything that goes the other way is just given the move-along-sonny treatment.

It’s also noticeable that when you type ‘Nunes memo’ into Google, you get page after page after page of left-wing sources. CNN, Vanity Fair, Time, Rolling Stone, Slate, The Independent, FactCheck, Vox, MSNBC, The Nation, Polifact, The Nation, LA Times, NBC News, ThinkProgress, Vice, Mother Jones, The Economist, Newsweek, NY Times, Vice, Huffington Post, etc., with only the occasional ‘acceptable’ right-wing, anti-Trump place there, like National Review. Is that Google manipulating the search results, or is it just a reflection of the left-wing bias of the MSM?

It’s also noticeable that many of these media outlets are playing the old game of ‘heavily promote the lone Republican/Conservative who disagrees’ angle, just like the UK media does witrh Anna Soubry over Brexit. Although it’s an old tactic, I nevertheless propose we call it the ‘Soubry strategy’.

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