Punish the man properly instead trying to rewrite history

This is worrying:

Cambridge University is to strip a paedophile of his academic qualifications after he was jailed for 32-years for conducting a campaign of appalling web based abuse against a string of vulnerable victims.

Dr Matthew Falder, 29, who obtained a masters degree and PhD from Cambridge, admitted blackmailing scores of men, women and children, into carrying out humiliating and degrading acts, which left three so traumatised they attempted to take their own lives.

Lock him up and throw away the key. Cut off his head and stick it on a spike near the Tower of London. Draw and quarter him. They’re all fine with me. But you can’t take away his degree, that’s re-writing history. It’s like pretending that Hitler wasn’t an artist.

And how is this a deterrence? Anyone depraved and sick enough to do what he did is hardly going to be bothered at the thought that they might lose their degree in media studies as well as going to jail for decades.

This is, I suspect, a disguised political move. Who’s going to complain about someone like this having their degree revoked? No-one much (I hardly count). But once you allow the principle, then it’s going to gradually get extended, until eventually Universities will be able to revoke your degree for expressing the wrong political opinion. Cambridge should be stopped from doing this.

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