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Place(wo)men in action

Here’s a minor confirmation of my thesis in my recent Comment Central article ‘Social media and the place(wo)men’, that there is a symbiotic relationship between social media SJW outrage-mongers and the progressives who have got themselves into positions of power in multiple institutions, the latter being ready to receive complaints from the former and act on them (plus a media willing to give the whole thing coverage so that all their readers can know these issues are important).

In the following case it appears one student called Nia Harris complained on social media about a supposedly  ‘racially insensitive’ menu served at NYU as part of Black History Month.

A university has been forced to apologise after collard greens, ribs, corn bread, and watermelon-flavoured water were put on the menu for a Black History Month meal.

Harris made a big deal of the issue so that it came to the attention of the place(wo)men in the University’s adminstration,  who of course did their thing, condemning what happened as though a war crime had taken place.

NYU President Andrew Hamilton released a statement within a day of Harris’ email. As the Times reports, Hamilton called the Black History Month meal “inexcusably insensitive.” The menu had been chosen by two employees of Aramark, a food service provider, both of whom have since been fired, according to the Times.

In the statement, Hamilton also noted the damage was “compounded by the insensitivity of the replies” to Harris’ concerns. The NYU president said that no school officials were offered input on the meals, and that going forward, any menu for special events ought to be run by the “existing student advisory body and campus cultural groups.”

Then a placewomen (or someone who knows which way the wind is blowing) in the catering company played her part to perfection:

Victoria Pasquale, regional vice president of Aramark, said in a statement: “We apologise for an inexcusable menu mistake that occurred at Downstein.

“We are extremely disappointed by the insensitive and offensive actions taken by one of our employees who did not follow policy and processes.

“The individual acted independently in a way that runs counter to our values and compromised our longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“We have suspended the employee pending a full investigation. We are also re-training all employees to ensure a regrettable incident like this is not repeated.”

And then compliant political journalists went to town turning it into an international news story. Twenty years ago, even ten years ago, no self-respecting journalist would have bothered covering such lame fare, but these days this sort of story is pretty much all journalists do, ‘journalist’ now being a euphemism for ‘left-wing activist employed by companies that used to run newspapers but which now run grievance sheets under the same name.’

What’s even worse is that it looks like the employees involved were themselves black (not that you’d know this from most of the media reports, which include little detail so the reader is left imagining a kitchen full of KKK members):

Harris complained to Weinstein Passport Dining Hall’s head cook and was told that the menu was not meant to be offensive, but was planned by Black workers. The explanation did little to assuage Harris, who then emailed university officials about the incident.

Of course it did little to assauge her. She wanted her scalps, and she knew she could get them by getting her message to the place(wo)men, and the media, who would do the rest. She didn’t care that maybe those black cooks genuinely thought what she branded a ‘stereotypical’ meal from black history was what was needed for Black History Month menu.

So basically, what we really have is another case of middle-class leftist snowflake students lording it over the working class, who haven’t grasped exactly what the latest politically correct ideas are. These kitchen workers probably get paid less money per year than she pays in student fees, and she gets them fired, but somehow she’s the oppressed victim, a role she’ll keep playing even when she’s earning a quarter of million a year as a Grievance Officer somewhere, with money paid for from the taxes of hard-working kitchen staff.

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One thought on “Place(wo)men in action

  1. And 2 poor black kitchen workers are now unemployed and who knows the affect on any family and children. Well done, another resounding success for the perpetually agrieved.

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