I think Putin has noticed that the UK is now run by children…

What exactly is the point of the UK government talking all tough to Vladimir Putin? What are they proposing to do? Hide in their safe space if he doesn’t come clean? Hold a candlelit vigil? Make up some hashtags? Britain is no longer a serious country, and people are starting to notice. Britain is no longer a country that can stomach a war. Britain is now a country that shrieks when it thinks someone might possibly have put a hand on its knee.

I’m not talking about everyone. There are plenty of solid people still around. But they’re no longer in charge. We’re ruled by diversity coordinators, hysterical academics, Islamic immigration officers, teenage Trots, Guardian columnists, tweet police, sociology graduates, and… Theresa May. If Russia wasn’t itself a bit of a basket case I’d say we were in serious trouble. A country whose young people cannot face small, slightly unpleasant aspects of their comfortable modern life is not a country that will cope with the harsh realities of the world, which won’t always be a rainbow paradise.

Those who shout and scream at Donald Trump and America don’t seem to realise that they depend on him, and on America, for protection from some very nasty possibilities, and they are doing their best to drive their bodyguard away. We need to remove the infants from power ASAP, and install some grown-ups again.


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6 thoughts on “I think Putin has noticed that the UK is now run by children…

  1. People did not want us lobbing missiles at Syria. Myself because there was no concrete proof who poisoned whom – and because there was bound to be collateral damage. Probably the only good thing Miliband did was to stop Cameron.

    I don’t want May to go on any offensive against Russia, again because there’s no proof any Russian agency tried to kill an ex spy.

    Public opinion matters when we as a nation are being implicated in what may result in the death of others.

    I’m grateful for that, but don’t think for one second that I’m some sort of feathery pacifist. When it really matters then yes I’ll go along with some sort of military response.

    For sure we can’t conduct any long term military, or any other type of offensive on our own. No nation can, just look at the economic and social impact on Saudi and their war against the tribal people of Yemen.

    Even there it’s body bags that matter. And although I side 100% with the Houthis, I still feel compassion for casualties on the aggressor side – and their families.

    Yet there have been very good things in Saudi, unbelievable with respect to women and praiseworthy with respect to corrupt officials.

    Same IMO right now with Tillerson going and us actually talking to the Russians because if Russia didn’t do it, just who the heck did?

    Hitler made the very same mistake because some group of academics said they wouldn’t fight. Putin knows to never underestimate us. We saved his country by the most incredibly mad means, running convoys of arms we needed ourselves using clapped out ships on a route that only a nutter’d attempt.

    Same thing now Mr. Drummond; don’t be suckered by the press, mouthy politicians and certainly never the academics.

    Listen to the people – and you’ll hear a deafening silence. Frankly we don’t give a flying fart.

    And I for one rather like the image being portrayed by Mrs. May on this and with the EU. The fact others buy into it shows she’s learning fast!

  2. I don’t want us rushing into action against Russia, and certainly not without better evidence. This post wasn’t about that. The point is that it’s a bad idea to talk tough when everyone knows you have no intention of backing it up. Don’t start wars you don’t want to fight, especially when you’ve pissed off your big brother and he’s gone home.

    Also, the general weakness of Britain’s current ruling class has been noticed. They clearly don’t want Britain as it is, or as it has been, to survive. Plenty of countries are willing to help them achieve that end, by whatever means necessary.

  3. Putin has an election to fight. Anything less than a 95% majority is wafer-thin to him. What better boost for his chances than to play the victim by ruffling the feathers (denied of course) of an old colonialist has-been like Britain.
    I take your point about snowflakes, but I imagine he chose Britain because, it being the money laundering capital of the world, it has a wealth of dodgy Russian expats for him to choose from.

  4. “I imagine he chose Britain because, it being the money laundering capital of the world, it has a wealth of dodgy Russian expats for him to choose from.”

    Definitely one of the reasons, yes. He also doesn’t seem to like Britain much because he gets some stick from it, unlike most other countries. But I also think he smells the current weakness in it.

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