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There is a UK deep state… — 2 Comments

  1. “Perhaps it’s time to start.”

    You can call it whatever you like. I tend to concentrate on the House of Lords, fake charities, trades unions – or same as, all prettified with some medical justification like the British Medical Association to name just one of dozens.

    To this we’ve got to include Common Purpose, (the new Masons)


    and pressure groups funded by the EU and or rich gits like Soros and Blair.

    Of course many are being drawn into the light because of Brexit, however the overwhelming majority continue to pull strings through fronts, be they useful idiots like Gina Miller or self inflated ego’s like Dominic Grieve


    I prefer words like “establishment” and “elites”, however the whole is so large that perhaps “UK Deep State” may catch on.

    Hope to hear lots more on this topic in future posts.

  2. I’m not keen on using the term ‘the establishment’ because it’s so associated with the left.

    And it sticks in my craw to call thick sociolology graduates ‘the elite’.

    But then ‘deep state’ has the problem that it has conspiracy theory connotations. So another catchy term without these problems would be good.

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