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Chucking pies at the left

This is another great rant from Jonathan Pie (as acted by Tom Walker). But the problem all along has been liberals like him not understanding what the hard left is about. (It was the same after the February revolution in Russia.) “Where are the artists, the writers, the comedians?” Don’t hold your breath waiting for them, buddy. But for leftists, free speech was always just a vehicle to power. Once you arrive at your destination, the vehicle is no longer needed. It’s tossed aside; better yet, it’s sabotaged so no one else can use it to gain power.

Liberals still haven’t twigged that the socialists are not on their side, and certainly no longer on the side of free speech now that they are gaining power. The likes of Pie/Walker have always thought that the radicals are liberals just like them. They naively took the artistic leftists seriously when they talked about free speech, not noticing that in hard left countries free speech was not much in evidence.

Basically, it’s the problem of 1968 all over again. Half the rebels back then were liberals who wanted everyone to relax to some nice music and some nice drugs. The other half were revolutionaries who wanted Communism and gulags. That split hasn’t gone away. The Communists have let the nice liberals prepare the way for them, and now they’re finally taking over. Liberals get swept away quickly in such situations, unless they’re prepared to fight back and get nasty. Walker, at least, has some balls, which is promising.

(via Samizdata.)

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