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The predictable academic move to kill off grammars — 3 Comments

  1. There is also the, not insignificant, impact of hanging about with the right people. This impacts your attitude, your social skills and your contacts. The Old Boys Network is still up and running and besides the prison magazine the state schools don’t have anything equivilant.

  2. Yes, this is another reason why it’s good to go to a grammar school, and I was intending to discuss this in another post. However, it would appear that the article is saying, in effect, that these things have no effect on the marks that grammar school kids receive, which is surprising.

    However, these things can benefit you in other ways, and perhaps such benefits don’t come about until you’re older. But then the anti-grammar people would say, why should some kids rather than other kids get these benefits if they’re at the cost of social equality? (Not that I think that the social equality argument here has any merit.)

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