Was Brexit as much about socialism as anything else?

Ever since Brexit the right has been saying that Brexit was about ordinary people ‘taking back control’, and the start of a shake-up of politics. We could expect a UK version of the Trumpian revolution to follow soon after, where big government and political correctness gets the boot, and things go back to where they were 20-30 years ago, and we start having some sane policies again.

Unfortunately that sort of revolution seems dead in the water. The Conservatives and Labour have both moved leftward, both have ramped up the political correctness, yet both are dominating the polls like they haven’t done for a long time. UKIP is moribund and the few anti-establishment parties there are have polling figures that require an electron microscope to see. It looks to me like Brexit was as much about left-wingers wanting the way cleared for old-style socialism and Communism as anything else. Some of these old-style leftists may not be that keen on political correctness, or immigration, but they are very keen on getting hold of other people’s money.

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