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The one party state has always been the aim

There’s been some interest on the web about Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey liking a Medium article that calls for the US to be made into a de facto one-party state.

A picture of Jack Dorsey that fills me with hope.

This has caused alarm, but it shouldn’t really come as any surprise, because it’s clear to careful observers that this has been the aim of Western leftists for decades. The only interest should really be that this aim has been stated so openly. Usually this ultimate goal gets hidden away from the mainstream so as not to frighten the horses. In fact, this reveal may be a sign that the left is starting to worry that Trump’s election is threatening the progress of this aim, when all had been proceeding swimmingly for so long.

The modern method the left is using to bring about the one-party state is to gradually introduce laws that effectively ban people from being conservative, or from acting in ways deemed non-permissible by the left. Take business and industry. The left realised that outright nationalisation was unlikely to happen after the disasters of the 1970s. So instead of wholesale government takeovers of companies, companies were allowed to stay in private hands for the time being, but gradually more and more legislation has been introduced which effectively gives more and more control of the company to the government, and this process is nowhere near finished. The fact that left-wing governments try to introduce licencing for every trade it can is no accident. (Latest UK example here — licences for estate agents.)

The other legislative method is to bring in laws that seems fair and balanced to the mainstream, but then apply it in a very one-handed way; for example, legislation that is used to force Christian bakers to bake cakes with gay messages on them, but mysteriously never gets used against Twitter banning conservatives, or against the endless online hateful threats made against conservatives.

A younger version of Jack Dorsey, a picture that also fills me with hope.

The end state for the left is simple: eventually it will be against the law to be a conservative, to be a climate change sceptic, or to be anti-immigration, or to hold that there are only two genders,  and so on. Anyone who thinks that the left and the progressives have any commitment to freedom of expression, freedom of opinion and diversity in politics is fooling themselves.  The progs will use every advantage they have at their disposal to shut down their opposition. They always do. That’s why this Medium article is right in a way: a civil war, of some sort, is coming.

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