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Walk away now. Just walk away. Put one foot in front of the other, and keep doing it

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in The Telegraph:

This country is in a very dangerous situation. As if we need reminding, Michel Barnier told us pointedly this week that every national parliament in the EU – not to mention the Walloon assembly – will have a veto on the UK’s future deal with the European Union.

His message was that this veto will be exercised unless Britain accepts EU governance over everything from tax policy to competition, regulatory standards, and environmental rules, and accepts the sweeping extra-territorial reach of the European Court (ECJ). “Nobody should underestimate the risks,” he said.

If this is true — that no deal with the EU will be possible unless we become a vassal state of the EU, which isn’t going to happen no matter how much the establishment tries — then why are we still bothering with the charade of negotiating? Just walk away now.

The UK’s aim seems to be to drag things out while keeping quiet about what’s involved, so at the last minute they can say that unless we sign this deal we won’t be able to trade with the EU from tomorrow, and our planes won’t be able to land in Europe tomorrow, and so on, and so we’re left with no choice but to sign.

Perhaps David Davis is being clever, thinking that the British public, or at least the establishment, won’t tolerate us walking away at this stage, and expects a deal to be struck, but he thinks that later on the public won’t stand for what the EU wants, and at that stage we can walk away. But that seems like wishful thinking. It seems more likely to me that Davis and his team are now heavily invested in getting a deal signed. That makes it harder to walk away. That’s why we should walked away a long time ago.

This is why it’s more important than ever that the Brexiteers bring down May ASAP, and derail the betrayal of the referendum vote that’s currently taking place. The stitch-up is happening. It must be stopped.

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