Japanese knotweed can’t be cured by… the chemicals the state hasn’t yet banned

Japanese knotweed cannot be cured, a major study which tried 19 methods over three years has found.

Researchers from Swansea University conducted the world’s biggest ever study into eradicating the invasive weed at two sites in Taff’s Well, near Cardiff, and in Swansea.

But despite using various chemical solutions, physical projects and a mixture of the two, the scientists found no definite ways of killing the plant completely using current methods.

But is this because all the effective weedkillers have been banned? The only half-decent one you can get these days is glyphosphate, which is  pretty lame. It works, eventually, on ivy, but if you try it on anything hardier, like holly, it’s useless. So it’s hardly surprising that knotweed laughs in the face of it. I bet there are are a few old chemists from the good old days who could nuke your backyard knotweed if they were allowed to.

And of course the state now wants to ban glyphosphate as well, using (as usual) dodgy evidence. Because the modern state can’t keep us safe from the real-world risks it’s supposed to be there for, but it’s second-to-none at protecting us from purely theoretical risks.

Update: Tim Newman is asking similar questions to me today.

You know, if there were any real journalists left these days, as opposed to cheerleaders for the state, then this would be an area ripe for investigation.

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2 thoughts on “Japanese knotweed can’t be cured by… the chemicals the state hasn’t yet banned

  1. I bought a property with some knotweed on 5 years ago. First year I got rid of 90% of it, and the second year probably another 5%. But, I just can’t eradicate it completely. Every year, bits spring up, I spray with glyphosate, they die back and it springs up nearby. Ammonium Sulphamate kills it quite quickly, but you have the same re growth problem. I think the only answer really is a ground poison. Someone I know used plain old salt and seems to have stopped it encroaching on her property.
    The killing season started about a week ago where I live. Today, I saw a bit in an area where I hadn’t seen it for two years. Very frustrating. It’s not a big deal really, I love where I live. It can be viewed a bit like leftists – doesn’t matter how often they’re shown to be wrong, they just keep popping back up again..

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