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Yet another way in which the right and left differ in their approaches…

When a left-winger gets sacked or is forced to resign, the left just carries on as before, as if nothing has happened. If it was a particularly bad scandal then someone might mouth a perfunctory apology. And then carry on as before. They’re never chastened. They’re never cowed. They carry on as if they are God’s chosen messengers, because that is how they fell. That’s how the media make them feel. A scandal or cock-up is temporary. Their righteousness is forever.

Contrast this to when the same happens to a right-winger. The new person apologises. Cravenly. The whole party apologises. Even when there’s nothing really to apologise for. What’s more, they’ll even apologise for something unrelated to whatever the sacking was about. Was there a Conservative principle involved is some way, no matter how tangentially? Then grab that, and throw it overboard. Better still, drown it yourself with your own hands just to be sure. Even if there’s only a small puddle to work with, you make sure it’s dead. Vow that that principle will never again be permitted to ever enter the thoughts of any party member ever again. Vow to expel for life any party member who ever mentions it again. And follow through with this. The left of course, rarely follow through on any such threat, and even if they’re forced to, they’ll let that member back in in a few months whent the heat has died down.

The Tories can’t even get their ridiculous power stances right. And what’s the point of pretending you’re powerful when everyone knows you’re The Guardian’s bitch?

If you think I’m exaggerating, look at Sajid Javid comment’s today after he was made Home Secretary:

Sajid Javid disowns ‘hostile environment’ phrase in first outing as home secretary

A hostile environment to illegal immigrants had nothing to do with why Amber Rudd was forced to resign. The issue was the wrong people being deported, and Rudd apparently lying to Parliament (or at least not knowing what was going on). But the left has of course used the opportunity to pretend that it’s all about the evils of deporting illegals, and rather than calmly explain why this is getting the wrong end of the stick, the Tories have once again caved in to people who will never vote for them anyway.

(Although it should be said that the whole ‘hostile environment’ thing is total BS anyway. Pretending to be tough is what the government does instead of actually doing anything about illegal immigration.)


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