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  1. Hello Hector. Came here a few weeks ago via Tim Newman’s place and really like the blog.

    I have a 2.5 year old boy and sometimes hate myself for how much screentime I allow, so this hits home. I was very worried at first since he, being a picky eater, would eat far more if watching a show than if the TV was off. So now most meals it’s on. I would also hand him the iPhone in the morning if I needed 10 free minutes to get things in order, being useless before 8am as I am. But I’m lucky, and he got sort of over saturated, because now he watches for 20-30 minutes before the lure of the playscape or dinosaur toys overtakes him and the TV is forgotten. We’ve now settled into a decent balance of entertainment, and it’s had the knock on effect of forcing me away from the idiot box.

    I know I’m fortunate, but if a lazy couch potato like me can make the effort to entertain and educate away from the telly, it can’t be impossible.

  2. I know the feeling of being extremely tired and giving the kids screen-time so they leave me alone. Or being extremely busy.

    It’s a great feeling when they get too old for a show you’re sick to death of, like In the Night Garden. But then they move on to something else which drives you nuts after a while.

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