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Expanding the ‘approved beliefs’ sphere a tiny bit

There’s a New York Times article by Bari Weiss about the so-called ‘intellectual dark web’ — ie. intellectuals saying perfectly reasonable things that would have been regarded as normal ten years ago, before the screaming campus garbage babies took over — that’s got a lot of attention recently (attention meaning the left having another ‘fainting fit’).

I suppose it’s good that the NYT is giving some serious treatment to people like Ben Shapiro, Brett Weinstein and Jordan Peterson, but there’s still some stupidity in there. For example:

But is a statement of principles necessary to make a judgment call about people like Mr. Cernovich, Mr. Molyneux and Mr. Yiannopoulos? Mr. Rubin has hosted all three on his show. And he appeared on a typically unhinged episode of Mr. Jones’s radio show, “Infowars.” Mr. Rogan regularly lets Abby Martin — a former 9/11 Truther who is strangely sympathetic to the regimes in Syria and Venezuela — rant on his podcast. He also encouraged Mr. Jones to spout off about the moon landing being fake during Mr. Jones’s nearly four-hour appearance on his show.

Even Bari Weiss, who isn’t a leftist, seems to think that there’s something wrong with letting just anyone have their say. I don’t myself like 9/11 truthers or moon-landing hoaxers, I think they’re idiots, but I don’t want them muzzled from speaking. How can you say you’re in favour of free speech if you’re still wedded to the idea that the progressive elite needs to approve a view before it’s allowed to be publicly expressed?

And everyone seems to think it’s normal that leftists are given platform after platform. The BBC constantly has leftists on. So does Channel 4. Even ITV and Sky do these days. Owen Jones goes on ITV’s Breakfast TV show to rabble-rouse about Trump, and no-one says this is ‘deeply worrying’, or suggests that ITV should be targeted for it. So be under no illusion, there are still ‘approved opinions’, and ‘non-approved opinions’, and the latter is still tightly controlled.

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