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  1. An interesting – and relevant – reminder.

    Not sure how I’d realistically describe the Mullah headed parties that are now able to seriously influence the government of Lebanon or, in the case of Iraq, to dominate their government.

    What I do know is any outside force that tries to install their idea of acceptable will be resisted, forcefully.

    Perhaps that was a factor in decisions made 100 years ago.

    (Now Israel is awfully keen to assist the Kurds create a homeland simply because they think the Kurds will be forever grateful.


    Trouble is it’s kinda too transparent and just serves to hack off those countries that don’t much like the decision makers in Israel).

    Way I see it, England is essentially a Tory stronghold. Scotland’s not, but we are seriously exhausted with the SNP. That’s the battleground in any future General Election. Let’s hope Ruth has her sprog and comes back with a renewed feeling for its future, because she single handedly saved May’s pathetic butt last year.

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