The feminist bubble

So the writer and critic of feminism Peter Lloyd posted a Tweet in which he made reference to this story where twenty women invaded a men-only pool in Hampstead dressed as men. They were protesting about the proposed legislation that would allow anyone to go to a gender-segregated pool if they merely ‘identified’ as that gender. (Lloyd possibly got the wrong end of the stick about this story; it’s hard to tell from his brief tweet.)

Then every angry stereotyped tattooed feminist clown in the country piled on with comments, and likes for the comments. (Because I left my own comment I got notified of dozens of these likes; it was like a women’s studies conference straight out of central casting.) And these weren’t even the really dumb feminists, because most of them could at least see that gender self-identification was a stupid idea. Although one of them was so dumb that she actually had this virtual-contradiction in her Twitter bio:

Supporting equality with protected female only spaces. Gender is a social Construct.

And one particularly idiotic woman said:

Because Mongos like you don’t give a shit otherwise. Men d.g.a.f untill it happens to THEM or their sacred spaces. Did you know about gender self I’d issues before this mra *Man* tweeted about it (and didn’t read his own link, div.)??

Radical feminist stock image. Most of them look like this, only uglier.


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