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I’ve been saying for a while now (especially on my Twitter page)  that white feminists are quite mistaken if they think that they’re on the top of the victimhood tree. Once the ‘victims’ are in charge, white women will quickly find they’re classed as oppressors, second only to white men in culpability.

This is already happening in regard to the transgender movement. Feminists who don’t appreciate transwomen moving in on their territory have been finding themselves on the receiving end of the sort of smear tactics that the feminists pioneered. Germaine Greer is one the more visible targets, but there’s plenty of this stuff that goes on away from the public eye. There are to be found on Twitter and Facebook furious exchanges between the ‘TERFs’ (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) and the transloonies. I’ll pick out a few choice ones over the next few weeks.

Germaine Greer in happier days, working as a roadie for Blodwyn Pig and replacing a broken D string.

It’s hard not to laugh at the feminists getting a taste of their own medicine, but this is nothing more than gallows humour. In the gulags there might have been some grim satisfaction when a former interrogator joined your hut, but that didn’t make up for what was happening to you.

This if, of course, what happens when you push identity politics and victimhood as the big issues of the age. There are plenty more ways of dividing society up than into men and women (or rich and poor). And if you’re a University Professor living in a big house, or a BBC presenter on a few hundred thousand, then you’re a ripe target yourself. Eventually some people notice that they’re not being invited to your soirees and dinner parties, because you can’t invite everyone, can you, so you’re forced to engage in some discrimination.

So, white feminists (and soon, rich black feminists): welcome to the hut.

This is not something I ever expected to say, but… I’ll take Germaine.
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