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It’s hard to “fatally damage” a zombie — 3 Comments

  1. Ruth’s delivery date is “autumn” and she wants more children. I understand we’re all terribly enlightened, however I doubt she’ll portray the image we expect of our PM if she’s 8 months plus and on the hustings.

    And she’s very into Brexit Light. And stacks of people in the UK are still smarting from that Scot, Gordon Brown.

    She’s done good for the Tories in Scotland only because of our paucity of choice. Big fish, small pool stuff.

    They’ve got way lots better. Odd you didn’t mention Ms Patel. She’s got the ambition, can multi task, Brexiteer and far better at public speaking.

  2. I wasn’t mentioning every candidate because I didn’t want the post to get sidetracked onto that issue. But Patel is in a similar position to JRM, I like her, the right likes her, but she’s not a unity candidate. (Then again, anyone who starts leading polls soon becomes a unity candidate.)

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