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It’s hard to “fatally damage” a zombie

Some commentators are saying on my Conservative Woman piece (on the structural difficulties of removing Theresa May) that even if May doesn’t lose the confidence vote she’ll still be fatally damaged and will have to resign. I wish that were true. Maybe it is. But I fear that if she wins a confidence vote she’ll just keep on plugging away with the same old shit she’s been getting away with for a year or so despite the party falling to pieces politically. I mean, who’s going to stop her?

The Tories are all terrified of the party degenerating into warfare and an early election against Corbyn. There’s no unity figure they’ll all rally to. Maybe Sajid Javid. Certainly not Rees-Mogg, he’ll send the Establishment non-Conservatives like Soubry mad.

Basically there’s too much Europhile poison still in the party. The Conservatives should have made it a policy to not put up for election anyone still talking up Remain, but that was never going to happen, was it?

Still, I hope they can rid of May fast. They should be planning for it, but it doesn’t look like they are. Gove, instead of making up for his disastrous mistake last time, is playing at being Mr. Green, and sliming around Ruth Davidson, who I just don’t see the attraction of.

Meanwhile May lurches incompetently on, becoming more and more hated by absolutely every segment of the population, except for her husband. May: the toothless zombie. Protected by the balance of forces around her.

Update: I’ve changed the title of this post as I thought of a better one.

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3 thoughts on “It’s hard to “fatally damage” a zombie

  1. Ruth’s delivery date is “autumn” and she wants more children. I understand we’re all terribly enlightened, however I doubt she’ll portray the image we expect of our PM if she’s 8 months plus and on the hustings.

    And she’s very into Brexit Light. And stacks of people in the UK are still smarting from that Scot, Gordon Brown.

    She’s done good for the Tories in Scotland only because of our paucity of choice. Big fish, small pool stuff.

    They’ve got way lots better. Odd you didn’t mention Ms Patel. She’s got the ambition, can multi task, Brexiteer and far better at public speaking.

  2. I wasn’t mentioning every candidate because I didn’t want the post to get sidetracked onto that issue. But Patel is in a similar position to JRM, I like her, the right likes her, but she’s not a unity candidate. (Then again, anyone who starts leading polls soon becomes a unity candidate.)

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