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Give in, but cover it with fudge

So, anyone here who knows what is going on now with Brexit? Not me. Is this deliberate, or incompetence, or both?

You can expect a lot of incompetence with the Tories, especially with Theresa May in charge, but I can’t help wondering that it suits the Tories that matters are so foggy that no-one knows what is going on. Because the Tories don’t want to leave the EU, but they know they can’t get away with openly saying that, so they’re going to do what Tories always do, that is, give in, but cover it with fudge.

It should be the name of their theme tune: “Give In, But Cover It With Fudge”, sung to the tune of a happy-clappy 60s song called something like “Tune In, and Cover It With Love’.

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