The Pied Pipers of Venezuela

Raedwald seems sceptical about the UN Human Rights Council and the nations on it, such as Venezuela:

The judges were faced with a strong field of candidates and shortlisting was a difficult process. Finally, the decision was unanimous to award the prize to VENEZUELA; the sheer levels of incompetence required to turn an oil-rich second world nation into an impoverished failed state with a starving population forced to kill and eat their pet cats and dogs could not be equalled.

What he doesn’t understand is that Venezuela has too many cats and dogs, and Venezuela is reducing their numbers in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible. Nothing goes to waste, you see. And why cremate or bury a dog you’ve just strangled or hit over the head with a shovel when you can eat it? Why waste precious calories?

And when the dogs and cats are gone, the people can move on and solve the rat problem. The government has liberated the people so they can fix environmental problems themselves without needing specific instructions from the government any more.

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