Bill Speakman, you did well

You may have seen the articles about Korean war hero Bill Speakman dying of old age recently. The amazing stories about him brought to mind the following joke:


Little Suzy, little Joni, and Little Johnnie are asked to tell a story about their family, and to draw a moral from it.

Little Suzy says, “Once my Mum looked after her neighbour when she was sick, and then when Mummy got sick the neighbour looked after her.”

“Very nice Suzy, and what’s the moral of that story?”

“If you’re nice to people, they’ll be nice to you back.”

“Good work Suzy. Little Joni, do you have a story?”

“Yes Miss. Once my auntie studied hard for her exam, and she got top marks.”

Miss stifles a yawn, and says, “Very good Joni, and what’s the moral of that story?”

“If you work hard you get rewards.”

“Very good Joni. Now Johnny, do you have a story for us?”

“Yes Miss. One day my grandad was in the war and there was just him left and thirty Japs, and all he had a was a bottle of whisky.”

“My goodness, what happened?”

“He hid in his foxhole and drank half the bottle. Then he attacked one bunch of ten Japs, and strangled them all with his bare hands.”

“Oh my God. Is that the end of the story?”

“No Miss. Then he went and hid in another foxhole and drank the rest of the whisky. Then he went into the cave where the other Japs were and he killed them all with his empty whisky bottle.”

“Goodness gracious, I’m feeling rather faint, I’d better sit down. And what, little Johnny, is the moral of this story?”



So Bill, that story is nothing to do with you, I know, but you were the real deal, and I salute you for your bravery, and thank you for what you did. In my house we’ve all raised a glass to you tonight, and the kids are in awe of you. RIP you legend.

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