Boomerang logic

The working class insists on the middle-class ‘sharing the wealth’, without most of them realising that this means that the middle-class oversees the sharing of the wealth, which results in an awful lot of it going to the sort of middle-class people that the overseers like, and the feckless poor, and foreigners. There’s very little given to the working class.

Of course they do benefit, as does everyone else, from general spending on the NHS and roads, and so on (I don’t think I’d include state schools in working class areas as a benefit any more), but there’s hardly anything given to the working classes per se, or working class activities. Fund your research on gender attitudes in Elizabethan poetry? Certainly, this will improve society. Fund your interest in football? Why should taxpayers pay for that? Fund a new opera? Certainly, opera needs our help, so how much do you need? Fund our classic rock band? Go away, dinosaurs should die out naturally.

Yet Guardianistas get all snitty with any working-class person who gets wise and stops voting Labour. “Why do these irrational people vote against their own interests?” they say with their usual weary condescension. It’s because they’ve twigged that a vote for Labour is a vote for the Guardianistas’ interests, not theirs.

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