Way to kill your profession, dude

Modern journalists are pretty dumb. That doesn’t really need any more evidence, does it, given all the stupid things they have been saying for years. But they’re even dumber than that. Because by acting as overt political operatives they’ve blown their cover.

There were an awful lot of journalists in the past who were fairly political, some on the right, but mostly on the left. But they were a lot more neutral than today’s lot. They were also much better at creating the impression that they were neutral observers, even when they weren’t. They could twist a story around subtly, without the average reader detecting anything. It was these skills that helped push society gradually leftwards for decades.

But now journalists wear their politics on their sleeve. And it’s shredding their credibility. (There were a few journalists like that in the old days, most notably John Pilger. And Pilger never had any credibility because of it.) Fewer and fewer people are taking journalists seriously as objective news sources any more. The steady, stealthy and incremental political work done by cleverer journalists over the decades managed to get newspapers into a highly trusted position in most households, but that position is being jeopardised by the idiot children who shriek about Brexit and Trump every day. And who do so in the age of the internet when newspapers and TV news shows are under threat like never before.

The funny thing is that while most people have sussed out The Guardian, the academics, civil servants and the professional class in general, ie. the people who tell everyone else about how media bias works, still treat it like the Bible.

And look who won the supposedly prestigious Orwell Prize for Journalism this year. Carole Cadwalladr, who has about as much credibility as John Pilger used to, and who everyone except the intelligenstia can see is a clumsy and incompetent political hack.

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2 thoughts on “Way to kill your profession, dude

  1. You couldn’t be more right – too many journalists and not enough reporters. Btw, my hunger for instalments of ‘The Biscuit Factory’ has won over my habitual parsimony. I downloaded the book; money well spent!
    Giggles on the second page, outright laughter on the third, and so on.
    But as I read, the more my enjoyment became tinged with depression. I tried to tell myself that your characters were exaggerated (nothing wrong with that) but gloomily concluded that they weren’t as exaggerated as all that – a sobering thought.
    Now get on with Volume 2!

  2. Glad to hear you’re liking it, Glyn, and thanks for the download. Sorry about the depressing aspects, but at least they haven’t started building the gulags yet.

    I’d better put up another installment this afternoon, wasn’t sure anyone was actually reading those.

    I have written some of Volume 2 but the need to earn some money until Vol I makes any, and the need to promote Vol I with a lot of blogging and tweeting is hampering things. (I do like blogging and tweeting but it does take time and energy, even the smaller posts.)

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