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  1. You couldn’t be more right – too many journalists and not enough reporters. Btw, my hunger for instalments of ‘The Biscuit Factory’ has won over my habitual parsimony. I downloaded the book; money well spent!
    Giggles on the second page, outright laughter on the third, and so on.
    But as I read, the more my enjoyment became tinged with depression. I tried to tell myself that your characters were exaggerated (nothing wrong with that) but gloomily concluded that they weren’t as exaggerated as all that – a sobering thought.
    Now get on with Volume 2!

  2. Glad to hear you’re liking it, Glyn, and thanks for the download. Sorry about the depressing aspects, but at least they haven’t started building the gulags yet.

    I’d better put up another installment this afternoon, wasn’t sure anyone was actually reading those.

    I have written some of Volume 2 but the need to earn some money until Vol I makes any, and the need to promote Vol I with a lot of blogging and tweeting is hampering things. (I do like blogging and tweeting but it does take time and energy, even the smaller posts.)

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