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They’ll have to drag May out by her fingernails

Last month I said this about any possible Tory confidence vote in Theresa May’s leadership:

In times past a leader would be expected to resign if the confidence vote did not result in an overwhelming victory, but given the Brexit situation, and the way May has clung on to the leadership no matter how bad things have gotten for her, I think we can forget that.

And, lo and behold, I was exactly right about that:

In an act of defiance, Mrs May declared she would be content to “win by one vote” which means Tory rebels would need 159 MPs to boot her out – more than three times the 48 required for a vote of no confidence.

The Establishment are bolting themselves into postion, and they’re not going anywhere, not unless they’re dynamited out.

Let’s hope that doesn’t turn literal.

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