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Rees-Mogg prepares to let the crocodile slip back into the water — 3 Comments

  1. Decnine, that seems to be the way things are going to go, and given the difficulty of removing her via the confidence vote method that I have talked about before, perhaps that is the best way. But they still must win, because she her civil servants are going to fight back ruthlessly, and they’ll use Labour and LibDem support to do it.

  2. After the Arab Revolt gained control of the railway from Jordan to Mecca, Lawrence of Arabia described the Turkish garrison in Mecca as “cut flowers in a vase; fair to look at but ultimately doomed”.

    If Tory rebels defeat the White Paper, it will be equivalent to cutting the railway line to Mecca. Teresa May will be in office, but not in power. There would be no need to go for the kill; arguably it would be better to leave her until she finally gets it that the game is up. Intelligent members of the Cabinet would make their excuses and leave rather than be associated with the utter failure of a Prime Minister whose own party won’t support her flagship policy.

    If Tory rebels can’t defeat the White Paper, the whole party is toast; and, sadly, the rest of us with it.

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