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Why hasn’t the UK moved to alternative parties like Europe has?

How come the country that gave us UKIP has gone back to the two main traditional parties, when the rest of Europe is now electing its own versions of the Monster Raving Loony Party?

To understand what has happened, first of all look at Corbyn. The young left decided that rather than build its own version of the Socialist Worker’s Party, they’d just take over Labour. Currently Labour bears little relationship to Blairite Labour. Or even old Labour. So Labour now is an alternative Monster Raving Lefty Party.

The Conservatives regained lost ground recently, but purely because of two things: they were (apparently) the party of Brexit, so there was no need for UKIP any more, and they were the only party who could keep the hard left out of government. But dissastifaction with May’s Conservatives on the right has grown to extreme lengths in the last year, and has now almost reached boiling point since the weekend just gone, when it became apparent to even the most most gullible that Theresa May intends to keep us in the EU in all but name.

The Conservatives are no longer the party of Brexit, and as this news spreads the Conservative vote will dwindle. Some will still vote for them in order to keep Corbyn out, but many of the traditional Labour voters from the Midlands and the North who recently turned to the Tories because of Brexit aren’t so bothered by Labour’s hard-left economics. If they’re faced with a choice between a left-wing and a right-wing party with the same policy on Brexit many of them will go back to Labour.

The Conservative Party will then either die out, as it was doing in the Blair years, and be replaced by a new right-wing party, or else it will be taken over by the right, perhaps led by Jacob Rees-Mogg. Either way, the usual Conservative Party is dead. It is no longer electorally viable. Alternative politics is taking over in the UK, just as it is on the Continent.

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