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The chattering classes’ shrug of indifference

I wrote last month about the left’s use of double standards as a weapon. Let me elaborate further. Part of the method here is what I call “the chattering classes’ shrug of indifference”. Dozens of Palestinians killed in the Middle East by Muslims? Shrug, and go back to reading your Owen Jones book. Obama put a selective travel ban in place? Pass the balsamic, darling. Right-wing journalists not allowed to enter the country. Serves them right, who’s for some Bolly? People starving to death in Venezuela? Whatever, at least they don’t have Trump.

The always-concerned-about-everything schtick, somehow disappears completely when some awful news doesn’t fit their worldview. Then they become masters of causal indifference. (Lenin, Stalin, and all the Commie leaders were, of course, masters of this.)

Shrug, move on, let it leave your mind instantly. That’s another reason why they don’t like anyone even mildly right-wing to be around, because they might want to talk about this a bit more, and that prevents the old memory black hole from working. Better to not allow them to say anything. Don’t even let them in the country if they don’t have a passport.

What makes it even worse is that most journalists ands news editors are like this now, and they control the media. So when they see a story about, say, black-on-black violence, they just shrug and mentally screw it up and throw it in the bin. It might make p. 27 if they really have nothing else to put in, but these days it’s more likely to not even make the paper, because even if it’s buried away some right-winger might come across it and use it some day. Shrug, and move on. Not relevant. Local news. Shit happens. Of no interest to our readers. Bound to be misconstrued. Regional conflict, no wider ramifications.  Wait ’til we can get the right political angle in there. Shrug, and move on.

When this happens at dinner parties, even ones attended by very bright academics, you can almost see the shutters come down in their mind when you bring up some inconvenient truth. It reminds me of when I was younger and I used to argue with Christians about the existence of God. They’d say they were all for discussion about the topic, but as soon as you started talking about it, the shutters would come down, and they’d change the subject as soon as they could. It’s the same with progressives. You bring up, say, the fact that Twitter censors prominent right-wingers, and they shrug and move on. To talk instead about bakers who won’t bake gay cakes.

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