The establishment and the nerds have joined forces

That’s one of the things that’s changed recently. The establishment, by which I mean both the old aristocracy and the newer University-educated class of journalists, lawyers, broadcasters, public servants, ‘creative’ media types, etc., have joined forces with the nerds, that is,  likes of Mark Zuckerberg, the Twitter creeps, and countless lower-level techies. They’ve united to appoint themselves the new elite, and to wage an intially secret, though recently not-so-secret, war upon anyone foolish enough to stick to outdated views. It’s quite a formidable force. They hold most of the powerful societal positions, and are prepared to use their power as ruthlessly as they can.

Anything that helps break up this unholy alliance is to be encouraged. And there is one hopeful note: not all of the techies have gone along with it. Gamergate turned many of them who were into computer gaming away from the new elite, or at least made them realise that the elite are not on their side.

So I say: Do what you can to bring on the nerd-establishment rift. Encourage the geeks to go back to their rebellious roots, and dump the controlling left. May it be a famous schism that gets written about in future history books.

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