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The Tories could have ruled for 1000 years…

A year or two ago on Samizdata – I can’t find the post – the opinion was floated that the Tories were now in a position to dominate UK politics for many years to come. Brexit was going to happen, the pro-EU wing of the party would become irrelevant, the old Tory divisions over Europe would disappear, they could unite against a hard-left Labour and deliver them a spanking every time.

But useless Tories will find a way to shoot themselves in the foot head every time. The fanatical Remainer MPs wouldn’t accept a democratic defeat, and the moderate Remainers decided to join them. The party is now toast. The Conservatives were already becoming less and less viable in the modern era, until Brexit and Corbyn gave them a lifeline. They’ve now let go of the Brexit lifering, trusting that the Corbyn lifering will keep them bouyant. But it won’t. It isn’t just that the core voters are already deserting them. It’s that core voters are absolutely furious with them.

For years the core voters have put up with the Conservatives being on the side of the progressives, and allowing the PC police state to thrive. They were already angry enough about that. But many of them were giving the Conservatives one last chance because they promised to be the party who delivered Brexit. Now that’s gone those voters will never come back. The Tories can never be trusted again.

Even the MSM is starting to realise this — compare Peter Oborne in the Mail:

I would go further and suggest that rather than a temporary phenomenon, we could witness the collapse of age-old party divisions in British politics.

Even if May is deposed and Jacob Rees-Mogg or Boris Johnson takes over, how will that help regain trust in the Tories? The Parliamentary party will still have a majority of Remain MPs, who can’t be trusted. The Tories have to be dumped. Forever. Bring on a revitalised UKIP, or For Britain. Anyone but the Tories.

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One thought on “The Tories could have ruled for 1000 years…

  1. As things stand I’d risk Corbyn/Mcdonnel rather than support the tories. Their ambition to “smash capitalism” will require leaving the corporate racket that is the EU. And there is no profitable nationalised oil company who’s funds could be used to cement power- they’ll be out of office in five years.
    Besides I suspect much of Labours support comes from people who don’t like May, As much tory support comes from people who don’t like Corbyn. I suspect Ukip will return to mop up many of both groups

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