You wouldn’t put away the spear unless you’d already tried some bread, would you?

Caveman left toaster on too long:

Charred crumbs found in a pair of ancient fireplaces have been identified as the earliest examples of bread, suggesting it was being prepared long before the dawn of agriculture.

The remains – tiny lumps a few millimetres in size – were discovered by archaeologists at a site in the Black Desert in north-east Jordan …

“Bread has been seen as a product of agriculturist, settled societies, but our evidence from Jordan now basically predates the onset of plant cultivation … by at least 3,000 years,” said Dr Tobias Richter, co-author of the study from the University of Copenhagen … “So bread was being made by hunter-gatherers before they started to cultivate any plants,” he said.

Doesn’t it make sense that hunter-gatherers would have already started making things like bread before they became farmers? Because why would you risk starving to death by stopping the hunter-gathering practises that have fed your tribe for as long as the tribe can remember unless you already had some reason to think that the alternative method you’re now adopting was capable of producing food that could sustain you? The most obvious such food being some form of primitive bread.

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