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Here’s how we get stuck with the Tories

It’s now clear how it’s probably going to go. Theresa’s May’s sinking fortunes convince the Tories to finally go for a leadership challenge. A better leader, like Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees-Mogg, probably Boris, is installed. The right will cheer and breathe a sigh of relief, believing all is now well, Brexit is saved, and the Tories are back on the right track. Obviously the right-wingers all have to vote for the Tories now, and so they do. Who’s going to vote for UKIP with the Tories back on course?

Yet most of the problems with the Tories will still remain. At least half of their MPs are enemies of the right, and they’ll still try to fudge Brexit as much as they can. The SJW takeover of Britain will continue apace, enabled by those same BlueLabour MPs.

Boris might have the balls to defend Brexit, but he doesn’t the capacity to drain the swamp that the nation is sinking into. Government debt will continue to balloon. Free speech will continue to be suppressed. Traditional conservatives will continue to be treated like criminals. Immigration levels will be unlikely to change much. The nation’s institutions will continue to be strangled by the left. But the right will be happy because they got one victory.

And fair enough, we should celebrate that victory if it happens. But let’s not kid ourselves that the war will be won by winning one battle. We’ll still be under serious threat, and we must still replace the Tories with a better party before too long, or suffer serious consequences.

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