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This Twitter thread about an EU lover called Daniel Salt who gradually realised how shite the EU is has been getting a lot of attention, and Country Squire magazine even ran it as an article:

I was born in 1980 in a centre left family. I have been pro European all my life and believed in the concept of European Integration and have at various times in my life sneered at Eurosceptics. I remember Maastrict and the bastards and on from there … I was ‘it’ a full blow Pro European who even hoped that the UK would join the Euro someday.


I could never understand why people were anti EU what a wonderful liberal construct that did so much good in the world. It brought countries together, helped poor ones develop. It made us prouder to be from this continent as we were building something unique.

What it really show, of course, is how naive, gullible and stupid pro-EU types are. ‘A wonderful liberal construct’? One that ‘brought countries together’? Middle-class leftists really are living in a fantasy bubble, aren’t they?

And even now he doesn’t seem to get it:

So what changed? In a word the Euro. I remember watching horrified as the EU via the ECB removed two heads of states in IT and GR. Forced the Irish to take on their entire banking sectors debt and drove the Greece economy and much of the south into a depression.


How could this be happening. The EU were the good guys. They didn’t do this that was the US – the IMF – the Worldbank. How could all these people be party to this horror. How could they sit by as peoples lives were destroyed and in many cases finished due to suicide?

It wasn’t the Euro that turned things bad. The arrogant, anti-democratic behaviour he refers to was always a part of the EU. Why does he think that they want to leave the nation state behind, and transfer more and more power to themselves? Why does he think they discourage voting on EU issues? When has the EU ever shown any concern for ordinary citizens?

The funny thing is that middle-class leftists like to have a good sneer at religion, but they fail to realise that they’re just trying to build modern versions of the religions they’ve replaced, with the same mispaced faith in them.

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