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More on James Gunn and Toby Young

Some more thoughts on the topic of yesterday’s post.

Toby Young has just published in Quillette an account of his downfall, called ‘The Public Humiliation Diet’. The ‘Political Assassination Diet’ would perhaps be a more appropriate title.

Despite what some people on both sides of the fence are saying, James Gunn’s career isn’t over at all. Yes, he may have difficulty making mainstream movies for the likes of Disney for a while (Disney were his employers on Guardians of the Galaxy), but there will be plenty of companies queuing up to work with him. The left has made it clear that he’s one of them, and that he’s definitely not blacklisted.

Contrast this with the plight of Young, who was sacked or forced to resign from all his posts, including his charity positions, and is now out of work. When the left go to town on you, you don’t walk again.

Toby Young or Harry Hill?

Some on the left are saying that Disney only fired Gunn to keep the ‘alt-right’ happy. This is ludicrous. A company like Disney doesn’t care about the alt-right, and will happily ignore whatever it says. The only reason it fired Gunn was because it’s DISNEY. A family-orientated company. The biggest family-orientated company in the world. Who make a hell of a lot of movies for kids, and who are famously for proud of their wholesome image. Do you really think they could let a man make movies for them after the public had found out that he was a serial teller of sick paedophile jokes? Of course they couldn’t. That’s why. Not just because John Nolte said they had to fire him.

That’s also why Gunn will continue to get plenty of work. Gunn was too noxious for Disney, but companies that are not so clean-cut as Disney won’t be so bothered.

I note that Gunn has said, “Today I try to root my work in love and connection and less in anger”. Other than a few token and pasted-on scenes I can’t say I found the Guardians of the Galaxy movies rooted in love and connection. More about smashing stuff up and shooting people and expressing anger, I’d say.

Sean Gunn: A damp squib on screen, but he’s family, right? It keeps him out of the house while Mum is busy.

I also thought the second one got pretty bad towards the end, especially when that lame and badly-acted character Kraglin became more involved. I couldn’t understand why such a dweeb was given so much screen time. But now I understand: the actor is James Gunn’s brother.

Nepotism. Is there nothing the left can’t condemn while simultameously engaging in?

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