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Just to make clear to readers, comments and discussion are very welcome on this blog. Feel free to criticise me or tear me apart. Being a former philosopher, I’m very used to argument and disagreement and enjoy it all. I have a thick skin. And I don’t want an echo-chamber, they’re boring.

Unlike most modern blogs there’s no moderation here so you can instantly post (well, unless you use loads of links and post spam, the system will probably moderate that).There’s no annoying captchas, or ‘Click on all the road signs’ tests.

You don’t even need to put in an e-mail address. It’s the content of what you say that counts, not who you are.

Have at it.

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2 thoughts on “Comments welcome

  1. Well, in that case, any chance in getting the sort order of the comments in chronological order? This reverse order is back-asswards really.

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