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Kurt Schlichter’s ‘poison gas’ theory

So Kurt Schlichter is naming his call to turn the left’s tactics back on them the ‘poison gas’ theory:

In World War I, everyone used poison gas on the battlefield. In World War II, no one did. Why? Because everyone was too scared to after seeing what happened the last time.

Good name, and worth a try. One worry I have with it — well, apart from the fact that lots of squishy right-wingers have said how terrible it is that the right fought back and got James Gunn sacked — is that it may not work very well, seeing as how leftists run everything. I mean, Disney fired James Gunn, sure, but that’s because it’s Disney, and he was a serial joker about being a paedo. But what’s gonna get the average publishing company or film studio to sack a left-winger? Short of a footage of them torturing cats, not much.

Interestingly, Schlichter says that #MeToo has been stopped because it was taking large chunks out of the left’s hide:

Did you notice how the whole #MeToo thing faded away? Is it because of all the scumbags and slimeballs in Hollywood and the media who got outed? Nah. It’s because the campaign, which was designed in large part as a flanking attack on Donald Trump, ended up taking out too many liberals. They won’t tell you they stopped, but they have. The price got too high, so they quit taking scalps.

It seems to me to be true that, if powerful men are to be taken out by a campaign like this, most of them are going to be turn out to be leftists, simply because that’s where most of the power is today. There are very few people in power, men or women, who aren’t leftists, or at least anti-rightists. The left still seem to operate as though it’s 1958 and all the bosses are Republicans.

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