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Apparently Disney had no reason to sack a guy who constantly made jokes about raping little boys

I hate to rag on Spiked for a second day in a week, because Spiked is generally great and Brendan O’Neill is a modern hero (even if he does underestimate Commies) and all the rest are top writers, but they really haven’t a clue what’s going on with the James Gunn situation, attributing it to right-wing ‘snowflakes’:

The right can no longer delude itself into thinking that offence culture is exclusively perpetuated by the left

The author, Christian Butler, has no idea of the tactics involved, and thinks it’s just hypocrisy:

The hypocrisy of it all is startling. While right-wingers rage against the sacking of Roseanne Barr for a racist tweet, ‘snowflake’ censorship on campus, or people who call for statues of Confederate soldiers to be torn down, they have, in the past few days, had someone fired over offensive tweets he posted more than a decade ago.

You may not agree with the tactics, but it’s rather embarrassing to have written an article on this and not know what the tactics are.

There was no large-scale public demand for Gunn to be fired. This was largely the work of conservative tweeters who, when they’re not decrying the Twittermobbing tactics of the left, are wont to weaponise their own offence against liberal targets. In sacking Gunn, Disney was effectively indulging the sensitivities of the likes of conspiratorial right-wing social-media personality Mike Cernovich

Butler is under the impression that Disney sacked Gunn to please Mike Cernovich. Why the would give a flying fuck about Mike Cernovich is not explained. I mean, does anyone really believe this? That Disney sacked a guy who made loads and loads of pretty raw paedo jokes — apparently he’s been deleting hundeds of Tweets in the last few days — and it’s because they wanted to please a right-wing Twitter guy?

Put yourself in the place of one of the big bosses of Disney. You make films like Bambi and Dumbo. It’s just been publicly revealed that one of your directors routinely made jokes about raping little boys. You’d seriously argue in the boardroom that he needs to stay on the payroll? Who the hell would do that? Even I’d sack him, were I a Disney boss.

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2 thoughts on “Apparently Disney had no reason to sack a guy who constantly made jokes about raping little boys

  1. Except Gunn hasn’t “constantly made jokes about raping little boys” did he? It was a couple of jokes cracked online some 14 years ago…

  2. You’re correct, it’s not just about “raping little boys”, his tweets contain varied descriptions of a paedophile nature plus rape (including “big game raping” from April 2011) plus child castration (June 2011) plus child kidnap (December 2012). Hey, why stop at his tweets, take a look at his Insta page or even his website for some seriously disgusting content.

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