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You can lead Boris to power, but you can’t make him do anything

Theresa May has rebuked Boris Johnson over his claim that Muslim women in burqas resemble letter boxes and bank robbers, urging the former foreign secretary to apologise after he defied an order to do so by Tory chiefs.

Another open goal presents itself for Boris: tell her sod off.

How many chances will this guy be given to take the crown? The right is desperate for him to become the new Trump. The problem is that he’s still a Tory. So he’s part of the problem.

Anne Marie Waters actually sums it up rather well:

Boris on the bandwagon. It works like this: politicians do nothing about a problem, see the problem grow, see others get support to solve this problem, then change their tune. People trust the “established” politicians, vote for them, then they do nothing.

And this is what will happen. If Boris becomes PM, then all the normal people (ie. the non-loony left) will think that all these problems will finally be sorted, so they’ll go back to voting Tory. But they won’t. Boris will do little, and the civil service and the left will continue to run Britain.


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One thought on “You can lead Boris to power, but you can’t make him do anything

  1. Boris doesn’t need to tell the PM to sod off. As with Pres Trump, the heavy lifting is being done by all the nonentities who are attacking Boris. The ‘Culture Secretary’ on Today this morning wants us to ‘avoid giving offence’ while warmly endorsing ‘robust debate’. How the blazes can one debate robustly without risking giving offence? At least one person I know uses taking offence to close off a debate that she’s losong.

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