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Is there any point to Bluray any more? — 3 Comments

  1. Funny timing on this post for me. Zeuss was angry last week and sent a might bolt directly into my broadband internet. Since the repairman is due sometime between now and Rapture my family has rediscovered the joy of watching Blu Rays. It’s quite disheartening to remember all of your media toys rely on internet connections, but quite nice to pop in The Outlaw Josey Wales and enjoy something with a beginning, middle, and end…in under 3 hours no less!

    • I bought my first BluRay discs last year. Still haven’t watched ’em.

      (I should clarify that I didn’t buy a BluRay player for it to sit doing nothing; I have a second-hand Sony PS3. Which is sitting doing… not very much. But it does get used occasionally. Mainly for watching YouTube.)

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