It’s fine with us that you don’t want kids Grace, because we don’t want you reproducing either

Guardianistas are basically people who want to tell the rest of us how to organise the future, but can’t be shagged having any kids themselves, because they don’t really like having to deal with people who won’t obey them but they can’t kill:

With the long school summer holidays coming to an end, I would like to offer my annual thanks to the nation’s parents for another six weeks of sterling service. Not merely for raising future generations of doctors, scientists and Love Island contestants, but also for my annual refresher course on fertility choices. It’s still a no from me.

Also contained in this non-article of an article was this:

as one of my more realistic mother friends wrote on Facebook last week, “I am at the fucking Peppa Pig Live Show. Use a Durex, people.”

Peppa Pig is great. I bet the Peppa Pig live show is brilliant. The Fireman Sam live show certainly is. There are many awful things you have to sit through as a parent – PC has made most kids’ shows , especially BBC ones, incredibly boring – but Peppa Pig is not one of them. (And the Sooty live show is literally the best live show in the whole UK.)

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