Bullying and streaming

The Telegraph presents the views of a supposed expert on bullying:

Dr Nassem argues that schools “need to change their entire culture” as the hierarchical way in which they are run, including children being streamed into sets based on their abilities, encourages bullying.

But then, from the same person:

Dr Nassem added that fears of cyber bully are a “distraction” as during her research children have told her that “what bothers them is being face to face, sat in a classroom with the same bully on a daily basis.”

Streaming is often the only way that bright kids can get away from bullies. Yet she wants to stop streaming, which increases the chances of a bright kid having to sit next to a bully.

If you’re asking the bright kids questions, why don’t you ask them whether they would like to spend most of their time in a streamed environment or a non-streamed environment?

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