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Another Quillette article that doesn’t quite get it

Look, Quillette is great and all, but a lot of its articles seem to get halfway to drawing the obvious conclusion, before either bottling it, or just not quite getting how manipulative and shitty the left really is. Take this latest one, for example, which is full of good points about the correlation between coddling kids from reality and mental health issues, and the further correlation with those things and the campus safe space movement:

There is a link between rising mental health issues, safety culture and campus trends. It is notable how often students put censorious demands in the language of feeling safe. Students demand trigger warnings because ideas are emotionally challenging, safe spaces to hide away from scary situations, and the disinvitation of controversial speakers to feel safe on campus

What the author never seems to notice, or decides not to say, is that it’s always the left-wing students demanding and getting safe spaces. Never the right-wing students. So if the safe spaces movement was completely about mental health and nothing else, then we could conclude that right-wing kids are fine, and their parents have done a good job of bringing them up to be robust and open-minded, whereas the left-wing parents have screwed their kids with their parenting.

There is, in fact, a lot of truth in that. But it isn’t, of course, the whole story. The fact is that the safe spaces movement, as well as partly being a reflection of the screwed-up mental state of so many leftist young people, is partly — and probably mainly — a political subterfuge by which the leftists in University administration allow the leftists in their student body to get away with blatantly fascist and violent intimidation of right-wing speakers. Leftists who are, for the most part, not very sensitive at all, but in fact spoiling for a fight, or at least spoilling for a chance to crack open some opponents’ heads when they’re not looking.

Right-wing students, even if they wanted to adopt a similar tactic, don’t bother, because they know there’s not the slightest chance that the Universities will play ball with them. If they threatened to shut down a left-wing speaker they’d simply all be arrested. (This goes back to the point I made a few months ago about double standards being so important to the left.)

This tactic is incredibly obvious to almost anyone who isn’t a leftist or a University academic, but it seems to elude the supposed far-seeing iconoclasts at Quillette.

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One thought on “Another Quillette article that doesn’t quite get it

  1. Good points. I’d add that so many writers seem unable to comprehand the level of hatred emanating from leftists, especially on campus and in media rooms. I ask them to wear (or just imagine wearing) a Trump hat or Brexit T shirt for a few days in such places. Those saying they care about protecting hated minority groups and their rights should go first.

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