You don’t get to pretend you’re funny any more, Guardian fun-killers

The Guardian has an article about Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure:

I got the Bill & Ted script in the late 80s, after I made Critters. It was apparently Hollywood’s most widely read at the time. Writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson had based it …

No. Stop. You don’t get to write about funny films any more, you Guardianista creeps. Unfunny political arseholes like you lot are killing comedy. Don’t pretend you’re still funny by leaching the humour off people who are the exact opposite to you. Go and write some more miserable, joy-killing articles that attempt to further reduce the range of artistic things we can enjoy .. oh, look, they have one like that in the paper today as well:

15 songs we’d rather never hear again


The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There
“She was just 17/ If you know what I mean.” We do. Not Fab.

Apparently teenagers aren’t allowed to fancy each other any more.

Sinitta – So Macho
1986 smash filled with political incorrectness (“I don’t want no seven stone weakling/ Or a boy who thinks he’s a girl”) and still widely played in gyms.

A woman likes men. But not the sort of finger-wagging soymen who write Guardian clickbait articles. How dare she.

Lily Allen – Not Big

In 2018, is it big or clever for Allen to ridicule her ex’s penis?

Well, no, it wasn’t big or clever, not just in 2018, but also when the song came out. (Notice how the Guardian has the ‘leftist timetable’ view of things that I mentioned the other day.) But is it big or clever of the Guardian to scold Lily Allen? She releases a load of garbage, sure, but we can make our own decisions on that without the Granuid’s preaching.

Mungo Jerry – In the Summertime
“Have a drink, have a drive …”.

With all the rubbish that’s been released in the last few decades a mild reference to drink-driving arouses the ire of this buzz-killing twat.

The Vapors – Turning Japanese
A fine 70s power-pop hit about masturbation. Great! Apart from Asian stereotyping.

I don’t think even my grandmother was this pompous.




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