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New scandal girl once posed for photos… in public

The Daily Mail are splashing with ‘shocking’ pictures of Tory girl Carrie Symonds: which they stole took from social media. And they really are shocking. In one she’s sitting at the beach. Shocking enough, I agree, but even worse was that she was eating a watermelon. Despite this, she wasn’t thrown out of the Conservative Party.

In another picture she was ‘photographed at the helm of a yacht while enjoying a sunshine holiday’. Scandalous, eh? Also – and I can hardly bring myself to report this – she was pictured ‘drinking a glass of rose while on a balcony wearing a bikini’. Brazen.

But worst of all in the minds of the Daily Mail journalists is the fact she once appeared in a student play that had some swear words in it. And I’m sure all decent people will be appalled to her this: ‘For the play, Ms Symonds is wearing a black dress and torn black tights with heavy black make-up smeared around her eyes’. A man who shags a woman like this can hardly be trusted to run the country, can he?

Actually, there was one genuinely shocking thing in the piece:

A passionate environmental campaigner, she founded a company for making an alternative to plastic straws, it has emerged.

This really was something that had me shaking my head in despair. But of course it’s the one thing the Daily Mail approves of about her, because it’s a topic – a totally pointless one – that they campaign on.

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