Avoid it like the plague

What is Communism and hard-left socialism like? A lot of analogies have been made over the years, but in view of its stupendous death toll it can perhaps be best compared to a genetically-engineered virus which some scientists swear will solve all of life’s problems, yet every time it is unleashed it kills millions of people instead, and leaves millions more in crippling pain, disfigurement, terror and poverty.

Despite this, there are still some people who are desperate to try it again, even though it’s the same virus every time. This time it will work, they say, even though hardly anything has changed. Would you want to try it?

The other funny thing about this anaology is that often the people who want to try it again are the same ones who are terrified of the possible consequences of genetically modified food, consequences which are so unlikely that they almost enter the realms of the abstract. With GM food apparently no risk, no matter how small, is worth it.

Same people.

Update: I should perhaps also note that I had to resort to using a non-real, science-fiction scenario to draw an adequate analogy with Communism, because hardly anything else in reality can equal it in terms of the level of disaster it causes. You’d rather your country was hit by a major earthquake or an atom bomb than Communism.

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