They’re not Renaissance men (or women)

Guido Fawkes’ suggestions:

“Stella Creasy could become a Radio 2 DJ”.

No thanks.

“Tom Watson a media pundit on music”.


“Chuka a chat show host”.

No, no, no.

“Liz Kendall would be perfect for daytime television”.

Definitely no. (Although admittedly no great talent or charisma is required for this.)

“Ed’s better on the drums than he was on the deficit”.

Not a high bar, is it?

“You get the idea”.

Yes. Now stop it.

It’s a bit annoying when Order Order, supposedly there to take down politicans, starts promoting the idea that they’re a talented bunch. Ed Balls has a few brain cells, maybe, Boris and Gove can write, Portillo has some culture, but generally politicians are not the pick of the litter.

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