The third element of the modern leftist advance

Previously I’ve been on about how the left is currently using a pincer movement to advance their agenda. Left-wing activists first whip up a storm on social media (which is sometimes not even all that big). Then the people they’ve placed in strategic positions of power in institutions, government departments and corporations make use of that storm to press for change, always in a leftwards direction. Neither claw of the pincer would be all that powerful on its own, but when they work together, they can crush the right.

There is one more element of this current strategy that I haven’t really mentioned, though, and that is weak conservative political parties. such as the Conservatives in the UK, the Republicans in the US, and the Liberals in Australia. These parties are like a decrepit, rotten stage that the real right is trying to fight on, which keeps giving way in the middle of a fight, trapping the conservatives who are trying to fight back, resulting in them getting slaughtered by the left. Because time after time conservative parties back down and let the left win without any fight from them.

This happens partly because such parties are filled with non-conservatives. In fact, they’re often they’re run by cabals of them (Theresa May and her advisers in the UK, and recently Malcom Turnbull in Australia). Or because they’re filled with MPs and advisers who spend their days going to dinner parties in liberal society, and they don’t want to be the pariah on the dinner circuit. Their liberal friends can stomach them being somewhat off-message on some minor topics, but only if they give in on everything that matters. Or because the media gives them the impression that voters won’t vote for them unless they back the liberal agenda every time, and that old-style conservatism is dying out. It’s fair to say that for these conservatives the leftist media and the liberals they spend most of their time with have more influence over them than the normals who originally voted them in.

Whatever the reasons, the constant caving-in for the last few decades has allowed the left to advance much further than they ever would have done otherwise. Matters in this regard were bad enough before, but in the face of the new pincer movement strategy, disaster looms. The conservative parties, and conservative politicans, have to take a stand now. The good news is that voters are becoming fed up of the old cucks in the ineffective traditional conservative parties, and are very much fed up of the increasingly insane policies that the leftists are bringing in, and they are starting to vote for newer, firmer parties, and individuals with a backbone, such as Trump. The bad news is that the cucks are still pretty firmly ensconsed where it matters, especially in the UK, where tempers are reaching boiling point, but right-wing voters currently have nowhere to go.

“So I just gave them absolutely nothing that the Feds could use to charge me with perjury.”

The crucial ‘weak conservative’ issue at the moment is obviously the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation debacle/war. It is incredibly important that the Republicans hold their nerve and vote for him. Not just because his appointment is so important, but because if they back down in the face of the left’s obvious ruses then they have shown that they are owned by the left, and the left will gleefully pile on and kick the shit out of all them for years to come. What’s more, conservative voters in the US will turn away from the Republicans in dismay. It will probably signal the start of a long decline for the Republicans, and a battle for the soul of the party.

That may, of course, turn out to be a good thing. Perhaps it’s for the best in the long run. But in the medium term the US right will be down and out, and divided, and impotent. And the medium term may be all an increasingly radical and unscrupulous Democratic Party needs to shut out the right for generations via legislation. So it would be better if the House Republicans discovered a backbone, and then discovered how that translates into votes.

That would also allow those on the right who want to fight back be able to fight while standing on firm ground that isn’t about to give way under them for a change.

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